Snore Stopper


Enjoy uninterrupted sleep with an Allerzure Snore Stopper or Chin Strap snoring aid. When it comes to snoring, each person is different. There’s a variety of anti-snore devices available to help snorers get a good night’s sleep. CPAP devices are too intrusive for many people to be able to get to sleep. With these handy devices, you benefit from the convenience of their small size and ease of use.

Portable Snoring Aids

You might be thinking about an anti-snore mouthpiece as an alternative to sleep apnea therapy. Many people find it can be effective at preventing snoring, and they feel confident wearing it because it’s not as noticeable as a CPAP machine. Plus, the lack of a mask, motor and tubing makes it significantly more comfortable.

Another snoring aid available is a chin strap, which is small enough to take anywhere. It holds the mouth closed at night to fight the urge to snore, whether you’re at home or away.

Easy to Use

With the Snoring Gum Shield and Chin Strap snoring aid, there’s nothing to set up and no need for continued maintenance. The mouthpiece just slots into your jaw; you tighten it, so it keeps the tongue snugly in place, and away you go to the land of dreams! The chin strap simply hooks around your head and chin to support your chin even as you’re sleeping.

Affordable Anti-Snoring Devices

Not only are these Snoring Devices straightforward to use, but they’re also affordable. Some methods of preventing snoring at night involve using elaborate and expensive equipment that won’t necessarily work. Try out these snoring aids to experience restful sleep every night without worrying about disturbing your partner or waking up in the night.

Sleep in Any Position

One of the most cumbersome about many snoring aids is the fact you usually must sleep on your side. Most people have a particular way of falling asleep and changing it is almost impossible. For example, if you are snoring during pregnancy, you want to be able to sleep in a position which you find most comfortable. Sometimes when you already have trouble getting to sleep, trying to change the position just isn’t usually an option. With the anti-snore mouthpiece and chin strap snoring aid, you can sleep on your back, side or front and the equipment won’t fall off or get in the way.

Chin straps are ideal for mouth snorers, whereas a mouthpiece can work for nose and mouth snorers — no matter which position you sleep in.

An Anti-Snore Mouthpiece Can Strengthen Muscles

A major advantage of the anti-snore mouthpiece is its ability to rehabilitate. It’s thought that a lack of muscle tone in the muscle definition in the tongue and throat is responsible for snoring. A mouthpiece is an excellent snoring aid because it forces your body to do half of the work. Over time, the muscles in your mouth are likely to strengthen. Eventually, many people get to the stage where they no longer require the device anymore.


Chin Straps Are Entirely Non-Invasive

For some, inserting a device into the mouth isn’t an option at all. People with dentures or dental problems might experience discomfort or pain if they use a mouthpiece or more intrusive device. With this adjustable chin strap, there’s minimal risk for any impact on your teeth or jaw. If you have dentures, it’s probably the best option for an anti-snoring device.

A chin strap is easy to clean, just pop it into the washing machine. It’s made from a soft, breathable fabric that feels good against the skin. Plus, they can last for many years — making them even more cost-effective anti-snore devices.

Improve Quality of Sleep

Overall, the whole point of using anti-snoring devices is to give you the quality of rest that you deserve. By keeping your airways open and preventing your jaw and mouth from sitting in a misaligned position, the anti-snore mouthpiece and chin strap significantly lower your chances of snoring.

When you sleep better, your immune system, memory function and metabolism are all improved. It improves relationships and gives you more energy throughout the day to achieve your goals.

Put an End to Snoring Today 

Get an anti-snoring device and say goodnight to snoring and waking yourself up at night because of breathing. Whether the Allerzure anti-snore mouthpiece or chin strap snoring aid is better suited to your individual circumstances — you don’t need to suffer in silence any longer.



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