Back Straightener


Best  Posture Corrector for Men and Women, Upper Back Brace for Clavicle Support, Adjustable Back Straightener and Providing Pain Relief from Neck, Back & Shoulder.

One Size: 70cm – 120cm



When To Wear A Shoulder Support Brace

Never feel self-conscious about a rounded spine or droopy shoulders again. Correct your posture using this LerzureSports Back Straightener.  Its adjustable straps make it easy to align your back to the correct shape. The sleek design means this piece of equipment is almost entirely unnoticeable when worn underneath clothes. Use this posture trainer for a few hours a day to retrain your muscles and adjust slouching posture for good.

You Become Energized With a Back Straightener

Improve your gait with this Back and Shoulder Straightener and tap into a new-found energy supply. The head, neck and shoulders must be in the right position in line with the hips and pelvis. Research has shown that people have more energy when their body is adequately aligned. So, a posture trainer is an ideal solution for people who’s drooping shoulders, and lousy posture is causing fatigue. Just a small, barely noticeable device can make a massive difference to your entire life.

Relieve Back Shoulder and Neck Pain

With so much work to do in a society that’s always switched on, shoulder pain, back pain and tension headaches are commonplace. Our modern lives involve sitting at computers and hunching over smartphones for hours on end. Unfortunately, for many people, the result is bad posture and discomfort. A shoulder support strap can reverse years of bad posture with just a couple of hours of daily use.

Feel Amazing About Yourself

People who have good posture ooze confidence and self-assuredness. Chest puffed out and a raised chin are signs of power and charisma. On the other hand, slouchers can look scruffy, disengaged and lacking in self-esteem. It’s rare to see a CEO, manager or celebrity walk around with their shoulders hunched. Good posture sends a signal to other people that you’re proud and in control.

When people wear this posture trainer, they instantly project self-esteem. With continued use, your neck, back and shoulder muscles can realign. Most people who wear a Back Straightener for several months find their posture improves significantly.

Use A Back Straightener To Retrain Your Back Muscles

The reason why posture trainers work is that they retrain the muscles in your back, neck and shoulders. People are naturally inclined to walk upright. Slouching, hunching and stooping are learned behaviours unless you’re elderly or suffer from a medical condition. If your job involves extended periods of sitting down, you’re at a high risk of developing poor posture. Shoulder Support can help to align your upper body so you can sit straight and protect your posture.


Adjustable Straps for Comfort

When wearing a posture trainer, adjust the straps to the desired snug fit. Just like a backpack, contour the back support to your body shape. At first, the correct posture usually feels too straight or somehow wrong. Stick with it, however, and you’ll start reaping the myriad of benefits. Wearers of the shoulder support can start with a looser fit and tighten it once they become accustomed to wearing it.

Reap the Benefits of Open Airways 

Most people are familiar with the pain relief provided by a Back Straightener, but not many know that it helps you to breathe better, too. Blocked airways and incorrect breathing can make stress, insomnia and anxiety worse. People with good posture are also better able to concentrate on tasks and hold focus for longer.

When you use a Back Straightener, your back will be made obviously straighter. As the spine straightens and the back aligns, your lungs can expand to their full capacity. This means more oxygen in the bloodstream, healthier muscles and better cognitive function.

Shoulder Supports Can Reduce Stress

Relationships, work, sleep, illness and life changes can all contribute to stress. If none of these applies to you but you’re still experiencing stress, there’s another cause. Poor posture is another factor that can contribute to high-stress levels.

When the body isn’t properly aligned, the immune system kicks into gear. This means increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline, which are the chemicals responsible for feeling anxious and fretful. Use this Shoulder Support to be more mindful of your posture and worry levels.

Improve Your Confidence 

Get a Back Shoulder Brace from LerzureSports and make an impact on everyone you meet. People with better posture look, feel and act confident. Start using one, and within weeks you’ll notice the difference.

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