Exercise With Resistance Bands

Exercise Resistance Bands are used in rehabilitation training following injury or hospitalisation although it has become a popular fitness accessory for many people.

Resistance Bands


Unlike some rather complicated gym or fitness equipment, Resistance Bands are in fact really easy quite easy and versatile piece of fitness equipment.

They feel rubbery and are stretchy, are available in different colours, lengths, sizes, and resistance. You can add them to your fitness or rehabilitation training to fire up your muscles.

They could be round loops or tubular, flat loops, or with handles attached.

Workout Bands

One of the main advantages of resistance bands is that they are very versatile and also lightweight, making them an important piece of equipment for individuals who would like to be able to carry out exercise activities on the go such as when travelling.

The different sizes and resistance levels of the bands create a multitude of physical exercise variations which can focus on each muscle group in different parts of the body.

The band is used to create resistance to get complete muscle tissue fibre recruitment which is the main function of most muscles. The resistance causes the muscle fibres to contract thereby increasing both muscular and bone strength.

The fantastic thing is that the variety of exercises that one is able to perform with these bands are exactly what our body needs!

Leg Exercises With Bands


Utilising the different levels of resistance that is provided by Resistance Bands helps to maximise both strength and endurance as they both seem to be in competition with each other during fitness and exercise activities. This is made more effective because of the nature of stretch bands whereby as the band lengthens the resistance increases.

You can find numerous ways to make use of the resistance bands which work on different areas of the body.  It is a good idea to invest in a good quality long-lasting Exercise Resistance Band or Bands because a low-intensity band will not be as effective.

Leg Band Workout

Possible mistakes when using Resistance Bands

It is important to ensure that you are using the right resistance level or the right exercise. Using an extra heavy band above the ankles for a leg raise will minimise a complete range of movement and will lead to excessive stress on area around the hip, hence in this instance, it will be a little more effective to make use of a lighter resistance band to obtain a full range of movement that is enough to create the right amount of tension to fully contract the muscle.

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